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Some words from very satisfied clients

pain or pleasure
Mistress Rachel Awaits You
Mistress Rachel is Waiting
Dominatrix Mistress Rachel

More will be added now that restrictions have been lifted 


Exceptionally skilled, exquisite edging for an hour to eventual explosion. “Cock whisperer’ only hints at how good she is! A great find! xxx


The Session itself was really really enjoyable, it was better than past experiences largely owing to the array of mixed sensations, the combination of pleasure and pain was perfect. I was a little disappointed with myself that I didn't get hard properly but I feel that was because of the nerves and nerves about coming too quick. 

Less Flogging. I thought I would enjoy this more than I did, I don't want to rule it out, but I was very close to saying "Thank you Mistress". Maybe it was just the nerves again, not sure. 

More: Humiliation - communication. I very much enjoyed your 'attitude', your firmness combined with fairness.

CBT - Again I enjoyed the various sensations a lot. The different things you used.



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