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Email me:

Or, complete the form in the CONTACTS section.


I don’t accept  phone calls or texts enquiries before a booking is made.

Pain or Pleasure



Summer               10.00 - 8.00 pm all days

Winter                 11.00 - 7.00  pm all days


My Mediaeval Dungeon does not have heating, so during the cold months I have to fire up the wood burning stove for you.


This takes a while that’s why I can’t see you before 11 am


Before I will see you, you will need the following :-


  • COVID 19 vaccination.  At least first jab, but all preferable

  • Be over 35 years old.

  • To give me notice (ideally 24 hours minimum)

  • Be prepared to pay a small deposit (£20  one hour, £30  two or more) in order to secure the booking so I know that you are serious about coming to see me.

  • AND, crucially. Describe your ideal scenario and experiences you have had before so I can prepare your ultimate experience with me and I can fulfil your desires.


Once we have agreed on a date, time and booking requirements, you will need to pay the deposit. This is best done by sending you a PayPal request which you simply pay by credit or debit card. (the product is called ‘Mediaeval Experience’).  Alternatively, you can pay by bank transfer. 


Email me once you have done it, please.


I then forward you my mobile number and ask that you confirm the booking, date and time. And, from then on until you visit me you can ask me anything you like regarding  the session. I will then give you my Post Code.

Two hours before visiting me you must reconfirm you are coming by texting me again. Then, when you have arrived in my street, I will give you the house number.


There is good parking outside my house and it is totally discreet. If you are unfamiliar with the area, I am just off M27 at J 7. (Bitterne, Southampton, Hampshire).


I am happy to see disabled clients, (good wheelchair access), and all races. PLEASE NOTE  I do NOT do outcalls.


Before you visit me, you will need to have a shower first as I do not have this facility in my dungeon.


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