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I used to have a beautiful nursery in Southampton ( UK) in a family size detached house with handmade murals, mosaics, furniture and new nappies, clothes and toys .

I even have a sandpit in my enclosed back garden. My house is in a cul-de-sac…


But Covid-19 changed things! ……


Now I have a detached and very cool, big beautiful medieval style dungeon (with wood-burning fireplace), next to my house, where I have my king size cot and a big highchair, nappies, clothes and toys.  And, also now, I have a huge cage, torturing equipments, sex toys...


So if your dream session is lying in poo most of the day while I'm baby talking to you then don't come please. That's not me. But if you’d like to have some fun (dressing up, creative, sensual and/or submissive), you are welcome to come.

The Adult Baby Cot

You can imagine your mother left you with a nanny who is secretly a dominatrix.

I can still do most things with you as a nanny or mummy would do with a baby or toddler. 

Feeding, changing, playing with you, singing to you... I can spank you if you want that or hug you. I can massage you with oil even with a happy ending.

When would you like to come and for how long? 

What would you like to happen in that time in the nursery?

Tell me about your fetish/ fantasy ...

My rates are £100 first hour, £80 each after (minimun 2 hours) including food, drinks, nappies...

Every messy change (poo) £50 extra EACH! 

 If you pay for at least for a 2 hours session, and you would like an hour nap in the cot as well, I won't  charge you for that. 


Whilst Covid 19 is still an issue I am not offering overnight stays for the moment.

Adult Baby Cot
Through the Bars

I have a few question for you to answer, so I can prepare for your visit better. 


Are you a baby boy or a sissy girl? 

What are your measurements ?

What type of nappies do you like to wear?

What would you like to wear as a baby ?

What would you like me to wear? 

What do you like to eat and drink?

What do you hate ?

Do you have any allergies ?

How old are you really and as a baby?

Can you talk as a baby?

Do you like to play with toys?

Do you like the mixture of pain and pleasure or just pleasure?

What are your hobbies as an adult?




Adult baby Changing Bench
Adult baby Toys Through the Bars
Adult baby Cot in My Dungeon
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